We’re a small family business in Bothell, Washington (30 minutes north of Seattle).
The parents are Soo Jin + Max. We've been married since October 2011 and still have lots of fun together.  The tall kid is Evelyn.  The short kid is Penelope.
Here’s how Letter Case got started.
If you have kids, perhaps you’ve read the book “What do you do with an idea?” by Kobi Yamada.
At the end of the day, this product certainly qualifies as a “business opportunity”, but the thing that personally excites us the most was the chance to show our daughters what you can do with an idea.
As parents, we want to show our kiddos that the world is bigger than our family and that they can do something to help someone else out there.
So one day, my wife Soo Jin bought a cheap plastic jewelry box container on Amazon and spent over an hour adding labels to each grid. She had to combine a bunch of letters together to make it work.
Being the fool that I am, I remarked “isn’t there something nicer online?”
A mistake for sure, but it was the start to an idea.
See, we were reading the book above a lot to our daughter, Evelyn at the time the idea hit us.
We asked if her if we should take this idea and help people who letterboard around the world and she literally said "YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!".
After searching online, we were a bit surprised to find that nobody had created a case yet.
Often, changing the world starts with a simple idea doesn't it?
It’s our hope that we can help you get more of your ideas onto your letter board so you can share more of your creativity and perhaps, start that side project you’ve been meaning to.
Or in other words, our way of changing the world is to help you change the world.